Put yourself in the driving seat.

Affordability Engineered for You

Putting you in the driving seat


Whether you’re seeking the reliability, engineering and quality of a Volkswagen, the premium technology and luxury offered by an Audi,  the 'simply clever' solutions of a ŠKODA, the cutting edge design and advanced technology of a SEAT ,a robust Volkswagen Commerical Vehicle to tackle the toughest of tasks with ease or the premium exclusivity, innovation and a dynamic driving experience offered by CUPRA, there is one constant - our range of expertly engineered financial products and services designed to make these fantastic vehicles affordable for you.

So whether its business or pleasure, 1 or 100 vehicles, Combustion, Hybrid or even Electric - we're here to help you find the vehicle and financial product that is best suited to you - all you need to do is choose.


The Flexibility of PCP

PCP (Personal Contract Plan) is a flexible car finance package that combines lower monthly payments with real flexibility over a 2 - 3 year period. With PCP you can have a flexible finance plan that suits your circumstances. 

Available across new and used cars, you can even begin an application online today.



Low Cost Hire Purchase

There is a Hire Purchase Plan to suit everyone, let us help you find yours.

Hire Purchase is a really simple, afforable and straightforward route to ownership, whether you are buying a new or used car. 

You can relax knowing you are in control as you budget your way to buying your new car. 

With Hire Purchase you can finance your car over a period of time that you choose between 1 - 5 years.


Personal Leasing

Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland purchases the vehicle on your behalf. You then pay one monthly rental upfront in advance and have the option to pay up to 10% of your vehicles RRP which would reduce your monthly payment.

In your fixed monthly payment, you agree the annual mileage that suits you. You can choose to divide your monthly payments equally over any term between 12 and 48 months. Service, Maintenance & Tyres can also be included.

At the end of the term you return the vehicle (subject to fair wear & tear), you can then upgrade to a new vehicle and start your Personal Lease journey again!


Choose a Service Plan

Service Plans are designed to make servicing costs remarkably affordable, ensuring great care of your car and less worry. With Service Plans you will get the benefit from our Group brands' expertise, specialist tooling and technology as well as excellent customer service. 

Choosing a Service Plan ensures all your routine servicing costs, for both parts and labour are fixed over a period of time. They include all the standard items recommended by the manufacturer such as mandatory service parts including oil filters, pollen filters, high quality lubricants and brake fluid changes. 

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