Service Plans

What is a Service Plan

With a Service Plan, you can enjoy worry-free driving, knowing all your routine services and scheduled maintenance are covered.

    You’re ensuring maximum performance and durability of your vehicle as our experts are using genuine parts. – Nobody knows your car better than the people that built it.

     Control your costs today while protecting your vehicle’s future value. – Freedom now and later.   

Two Ways to Pay:

Monthly fee

Add the cost of the Service Plan to your finance contract

One Upfront Payment

Make a one-off payment

It's that easy to keep your car "good as new"

Benefits of a Service Plan

Customer Experience

You'll experience our expertise, specialist tooling, technology and excellent customer service.

Better Value

New or used - you'll save with a Service Plan versus pay-as-you-go servicing.

Inflation proof

Avoid any price increase over the life of the plan.

Service History

A full manufacturer service hisotry will enhance your vehicle's residual value.

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