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With our Leasing,
you're in control.

Introducing VWFS Leasing.


Whether your business requires 1 or 100 vehicles, leasing through Volkswagen Financial Services comes with a host of benefits.

Some of the Benefits

Flexible Terms

Agreement lengths are available between 24 and 54 months allowing you to balance the monthly costs against the frequency of replacement. 

One Up Front Payment

Choose from 1 or 3 months as your initial payment to maximise your company's cash flow, while still maintaining affordable fixed monthly payments. 

Risk Free Service and Maintenance

No risk of unexpected bills for servicing, wear and tear maintenance or tyres as the full service package covers this. 

No Residual Value Risk

At the end of the agreement you will have no concerns regarding the market value of your vehicle; Volkswagen Financial Services takes the risk. Simply return the vehicle to us and we'll look after the rest *.

Hassle Free Fleet Management

Less time managing your drivers to ensure they get their vehicles serviced or inspected and no need to handle unexpected invoices from multiple suppliers. The Volkswagen Financial Services Customer Support Team is here to manage your drivers vehicle needs for you, leaving you with more time to grow your business. 

Fixed Monthly Payment

For a fixed monthly payment, your business can use the vehicles(s) for an agreed term and mileage that suits your business needs. As long as you do not exeed the agree milage and the vehicle is within the acceptable condition standards, you simply return the vehicle at the end of the agreement, with no further cost.

* subject to mileage and condition

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