Our Business

Our Business


Our aim is simple, to strengthen the link between our customers and our brands with innovative and accessible financial services offerings.

We do this by offering competitive and pioneering financial products to help you purchase the car you want from your local Volkswagen Group Ireland dealer and providing funding to our dealers to ensure that the cars that you want are in their showrooms for you to purchase with our unique range of offers.

Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland Limited launched in 2018 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, which is in turn 100% owned by Volkswagen AG, the global vehicle manufacturer. Almost 50,000 customers rely on our in-depth automotive knowledge, financial expertise and integration in the Volkswagen Group to provide innovative products such as PCP, HP and Service Plans.

We know cars and vans. That's what makes us tick and that's what our entire business has been founded on. 

This passion for vehicles and for keeping customers mobile is something we've had for decades, it's in our DNA. We exist to provide greater mobility for our customers.