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Leasing just got personal

Choice, freedom & flexibility...

Personal Leasing - It's so you!


That means you have the opportunity to drive any Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, SEAT or CUPRA, tailored to your taste, with no deposit for just one easy monthly payment. What’s more, road tax is included and you have the option to add all your servicing and maintenance costs too.

Just pick the model you love, spec it exactly how you want, choose your term and you’re good to go. There’s no need to tie up your money in a new car. There’s no worrying about resale value or depreciation. It’s freedom to drive exactly what you want, for as long as you want, and then change into something new.

 That’s the beauty of personal leasing.



Here's How Personal Leasing Works

Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland purchases the vehicle on your behalf. You then pay one monthly rental upfront in advance and have the option to pay up to 10% of your vehicles RRP which would reduce your monthly payment.

In your fixed monthly payment, you agree the annual mileage that suits you. You can choose to divide your monthly payments equally over any term between 12 and 48 months. Service, Maintenance & Tyres can also be included.

At the end of the term you return the vehicle (subject to fair wear & tear), you can then upgrade to a new vehicle and start your Personal Lease journey again!

Lease the car you love, no deposit, one easy monthly payment. It's so you!

How personal leasing can work for you

Choose your vehicle and then personalise your plan

With personal leasing you can choose any vehicle in your Brand's range. You agree the repayment period, annual mileage and everything you’d like wrapped up in your fixed monthly payment. You can add service & maintenance, and tyre changes. Your leasing term can be from 12 - 48 months. It’s up to you.

Drive and enjoy, hassle free

When your new car is ready to be picked up, you’re free to drive it as you please. With no deposit required, you just pay your one easy fixed monthly rental fee. As it can include all associated costs like servicing and maintenance, budgeting is made easy.

At the end of your term

When your term is complete, just hand the vehicle back. You’ve no depreciation worries. Personal leasing comes with real peace of mind. No need to think about selling or trading in. You’re free to see what’s new and start again with a new lease.

All your costs in one neat little package

Road tax is included as standard

Roadside assistance is included as standard for two years

All routine servicing and maintenance from fair wear and tear, including cost of parts and labour

Unlimited tyre replacement, again subject to wear and tear

Personal Leasing benefits for You

One fixed monthly payment
Choose your term
No deposit required
No long term commitment
Spec it your way
Personalise your plan

* subject to mileage and condition

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