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Finance Options

Explore the range of VWFS car finance options

Options to finance your vehicle

  Personal Contract Plan (PCP) Hire Purchase Personal Leasing (New) Business Leasing 
Fixed Monthly Payments
Product Terms (months) 36 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 12 - 48 24 - 54
Possible Ownership of the Vehicle
Final Optional - depending on option taken at end of contract.
Service, Maintenance & Tyres Included Service available as a cost option. Service available as a cost option. All available with Personal Leasing as a cost option. All available with Business Leasing as a cost option.
Mileage Range

New Cars: 60,000km at contract end.

Used Cars: 50,000km - 120,000km at contract end.

N/A Minimum 3,000km per year or a maximum of 250,000km per agreement. You agree the annual mileage that suits your business needs.
Available to Business Customers? Yes, Business Leasing information can be found here.
Can I Apply Online? Yes here. Yes here. Visit your local Dealer. Yes here.
End of Term Options

1. Upgrade your vehicle

Upgrade to a newer vehicle and start your PCP journey again.

2. One-off payment or Refinance

Make a one-off payment or re-finance the final instalment and take ownership of the car.

3. Return

Return your car to the dealer with no future payments (subject to wear and tear).

Once you make your final payment, you become the owner of the vehicle. Return your vehicle to your nearest authorised dealer and start your next Personal Lease journey. At the end of the term you return your fleet of vehicles (subject to fair wear & tear). Upgrade to a new fleet of vehicles and start your Business Lease Journey again.

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