Missed Payment

Volkswagen Financial Services Missed Payment


VWFS understand that every now and again unexpected expenses can occur and this may lead to difficulties meeting your monthly vehicle payments.

To help support customers who miss a monthly payment VWFS have now introduced a convenient way to keep your agreement with us up to date.

In the event of a missed payment VWFS may contact you via text and email with a personalised link to our Online Payments Portal.

Here you will be able to conveniently and securely pay your missed payment by debit card or PayPal or request us to debit your bank account at a date of your choosing within the next 30 days.




VWFS take the security of our customers data very seriously. We are also conscious of the prevalence of fraudulent texts and emails. Therefore, we urge our customers to be vigilant and always check to ensure any communications are genuine. 

VWFS will only use your card information to process the payment and will not store your card information. 

For your security, a two factor authentication process is used to log into the VWFS payments portal. 


VWFS urge our customers who receive a text or email from us to check that the amount in the email or text matches the amount on their own bank account. The amount should appear as a credit on your recent bank statement and will match the figure in the text and email. It will amount to your monthly rental as per your agreement with VWFS. 

Volkswagen Financial Services will not ask you for your mobile number or IBAN during this process. 

If you have any further questions contact us:
+ 353 (0) 1 211 8285