PCP End of Contract Options

PCP End of Contract Options

As you are aware your Personal Contract Plan provides you with a number of flexible options at the end of your contract.

1. Part-exchange your vehicle for a new car

Drop into your Dealer to discuss this option. The value of your part exchange, less the value of all remaining instalments on your PCP contract, may form a deposit for your next vehicle. 

2. Keep your car

On payment of the final instalment as outlined in your contract, the car is yours. Alternatively, talk to your Dealership about options to refinance your contract. If you choose to re-finance the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV), please contact your local  Dealer as soon as possible, ideally at least two calendar months prior to the final instalment due date.

Please Note: If you do not contact us we will assume that you intend to keep your car We will take the final instalment by direct debit.

3. Return the vehicle to your Dealer

The Acceptable Return Standards Guide and the agreed maximum kilometers are detailed in your Vehicle Return Option contract. Once your vehicle satisfies these requirements and all instalments (excluding the Final Instalment) have been paid, The GMFV will be offset against the remaining Final Instalment by returning the vehicle to an agreed Dealership.

Where the GMFV does not cover the Final Instalment as a result of excess mileage and / or damage (over and above the acceptable return standards), there will be a residual amount to pay.

For more information on the PCP product please click here.